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NOVÁK T., Spatial Patterns and Dynamics of some Halophytic Plants in the Hortobágy Region (Eastern Hungary) Full text (pdf)

GRIGORE M.-N., BOSCAIU M. , VICENTE O., Ecological notes in Mediterranean halophytes. Towards an integrative approach Full text (pdf)

GRIGORE M.-N., BOSCAIU M. , VICENTE O., Seasonal variation in proline contents in several halophytes from a littoral salt marsh in Alicante (SE Spain) Full text (pdf)

CASTRO P., FREITAS H., Spatial distribution of halophytes in the Mondego salt marsh and plant responses to environmental conditions Full text (pdf)

THEVS N., ZERBE S., WUCHERER W., BURAS A., TANG B., Ecology and utilization of salt-tolerant plants in the river basins of Central Asia Full text (pdf)

NIENARTOWICZ A., PIERNIK A., MARCYKIEWICZ J., LIS M., KUNZ M., VIGLIA S., Halophytes as components of lawns under different soil salinity and human impact in the health resort "Ciechocinek" Full text (pdf)

LUŚCIŃSKA M., GADZIEMSKA M., Algae flora of graduation towers in the town of Ciechocinek Full text (pdf)

GUGNACKA-FIEDOR W., Taxonomic diversity of mosses in the area of graduation towers in the town of Ciechocinek Full text (pdf)

SCHLEIFF U., Conceptual approach to lateral salinity gradients around roots of salt-sensitive and salt-tolerant crops under irrigation conditions Full text (pdf)

ŠERÁ B., HRUŠKOVÁ I., NOVÁKOVÁ M., Response of the Digitaria sanguinalis (l) scop to the soil salinity - a greenhouse experiment Full text (pdf)

PODLIPNÁ R., MOŤKOVÁ K., VANĚK T., Accumulation of cadmium by halophyte species Juncus gerardii Full text (pdf)

FEHÉR A., Disappearing halophytes and saline habitats in changing environment of SW Slovakia Full text (pdf)

ŠERÁ B., Stress tolerant plant species spread in the road-net Full text (pdf)

GRIGORE M.-N., The ecological point of view could complicate the attempt to create a halophytes database? The Romanian story Full text (pdf)

KRATOVALIEVA S., JOVANOVSKA-KLINCARSKA I., CVETANOVSKA L., Quality properties of vegetables and fodder crops grown on salt-affected soils Full text (pdf)

ÁLVAREZ-ROGEL J., NAZARET GONZÁLEZ-ALCARAZ M., Variations in Plant Zonation and Cover as Indicators of long-term changes in soil conditions: a case study in a mediterranean coastal salt marsh Full text (pdf)

HULISZ P., ELVISTO T., KARASIEWICZ M., PIERNIK A., Abiotic factors influencing the occurrence of Salicornia europaea in West Estonia Full text (pdf)

NAZARET GONZÁLEZ-ALCARAZ M., ÁLVAREZ-ROGEL J., Work-flow to establish a conceptual model of soil-plant relationships in salt marshes: a case study in SE Spain Full text (pdf)

SZABÓ A., TÓTH T., Relationship between soil properties and natural grassland vegetation on sodic soils Full text (pdf)

STRZELECKA J., DĄBROWSKI M., HULISZ P., PIERNIK A., Changes in soil properties and plant biomass under the influence of soda waste ponds in Inowrocław, Poland Full text (pdf)

KRZYŻANIAK-SITARZ M., Influence of graduation towers in Inowrocław Spa Park (Poland) on chemical parameters of Mollic Gleysols Full text (pdf)

MUSCOLO A., MALLAMACI C., ROSARIA PANUCCIO M., CAPUTO R., DE PASCALE S., Effect of long-term irrigation water salinity on soil properties and microbial biomass Full text (pdf)

KWASOWSKI W., CZYŻ M., Reaction of lime trees (Tilia sp.) growing along the Żwirki i Wigury Street in Warsaw on soil salinity caused by chemical technology of snow removal Full text (pdf)

BOSIACKA B., PIEŃKOWSKI P., PODLASIŃSKI M., Morphometric parameters of Phragmites australis as indicators of soil salinity: habitat and remote sensing approach as exemplified by brine-supplied salt marshes in the Parsęta Valley (NW Poland) Full text (pdf)

LAFFONT-SCHWOB I., D'ENJOY-WEINKAMMERER G., PRICOP A., PRUDENT P., MASOTTI V., RABIER J., Evaluation of a potential candidate for heavy metal phytostabilization in polluted sites of the Mediterranean littoral (S-E Marseille): endomycorrhizal status, fitness biomarkers and metal content of Atriplex halimus spontaneous populations Full text (pdf)

PIRIE A., SHABALA S., PARSONS D., NARKOWICZ CH., JACOBSON G., RENGGLI J., Ecophysiology of Carpobrotus rossii in Tasmania: Linking Plant's Antioxidant Activity With a Natural Habitat Full text (pdf)

PANUCCIO M. R., LOGOTETA B., DE LORENZO F., MUSCOLO A., Root plasticity improves salt tolerance in different genotypes of lentil (Lens culinaris) Full text (pdf)

VANKOVA R., GAUDINOVA A., DOBREV P. I.., MALBECK J., HAISEL D., MOTYKA V., Comparison of salinity and drought stress effects on cytokinin and abscisic acid pool in radish and tobacco Full text (pdf)

SHABALA S., Ecophysiology of halophytes: questions and challenges Full text (pdf)