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The fundamental task set by the editors of the journal is to bring together and present a diversity of research connected with ecology. Apart from the traditional ecological research areas, the scope of the journal will embrace more peripheral ecological issues connected with other disciplines of biology. Recognizing the increasing importance of the humanities in ecological research, the editors will strive to give such issues due representation in the journal. We hope to encourage the researchers contributing to the journal to adopt an unconventional approach to solving ecological problems, to go beyond classical, well-established conceptions, and to include methodological and anthropological issues. Such an approach is validated by the intensive development of the sciences bordering on both biology and the humanities that has been observed over recent years.

As suggested by the title of the journal - Ecological Questions - we would like it to become a forum for an interdisciplinary debate which would raise difficult and controversial questions. As modern ecology abounds in such thorny issues, we offer publication opportunities to those who feel ready to respond to such challenges.

The following types of papers are accepted:
Regular research papers are presenting the results of basic research and are limited usually to 30 normalised, typed pages including illustrations and references (see Instructions and Information for Authors).
Short research contributions or research notes (limited to 8-10 and 4-6 pages respectively) are presenting brief or specific research results, new methods, models, etc.
Comments - short papers (up to 6 pages) containing the opinions and responses to already published articles in EQ or the contributions to current scientific discussion. They are published (if necessary) together with reply of the respective author(s).

Ghostwriting and guest authorship are not acceptable.
All types of papers are reviewed by two anonymous reviewers.
All papers are published only in English.

The journal is published in two issues per year.

ECOLOGICAL QUESTIONS ON-LINE: the contents and the full texts of articles published in ECOLOGICAL QUESTIONS are available in pdf format on website of Nicolaus Copernicus University: http://www.eq.umk.pl/